The BSBM minus 1

Pictured above: 3 of the 4 Beautiful Blonde Maidens 

Colleen Hill, an Ann Arbor native, moved to Detroit in the Fall of 2003 to attend the College for Creative Studies. Since graduating from CCS in May of 2007, she participated in Deprogram (in the Netherlands) to further her design studies. She currently works at a small design firm in Royal Oak.

Colleen is the co-programming director for the AIGA Detroit chapter. Her favorite experience volunteering through AIGA so far was the having the pleasure to meet one of her favorite designers, the lovely Cheryl Towler Weese, and discovering that Colleen is in fact taller than her, though only by an inch (a rare discovery).

Colleen is a self-proclaimed cat lady-in-the-making and is okay with that.

Contact: colleen@jetless.org